Salsa & Bachata Private Lessons

Private Dance Lessons

Represent the most accurate, effective and the fastest way to learn or master any dance style of your choice; since you can choose exactly what you would like to learn and the areas you need to improve. The dance studio is reserved only and exclusively for you and the instructor for the time of your scheduled session. This is also why you can fully enjoy and exploit the most out of the instructor's time and attention which are completely yours during the private lesson.


1 class : $75   /    $90 (couple) "1st Time 50% OFF"
5  classes : $325   /   $400 (couple) 

10 classes : $600   /   $675 (couple) 

20 classes : $1000 /  $1100 (couple)


Private Lessons FAQ

What are the styles I can learn in private classes?

Our instructors are professionals in more than 10 dance styles. You can choose from:    -Salsa LA Style  -Salsa on2 -Salsa casino -Bachata  -AfroCuban  -Rumba -Merengue & More   

Important Note: If you are READY to start Private Lessons ASAP, you can Send us a Text Message to 7022723490 & We will Call you back to Set an Appoinment at our Dance Studio. 

**Valid only for students taking their first private class ever with Habana Style #Yody_Iznaga

How can I start?

If you have never taken Private Classes with us, You have unique opportunity to try your first Private Lesson for 50% OFF the regular price!  

Once you had your first Private Class, we will help you to choose the best suiting package for your needs (based on your preferences, skills and objective) and we will apply a discount in case there's a promotion going on  *You can also contact us through social networks FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM or TWITTER  

What should I do to take private lessons?

 Contact us using the form on this page or text Habana Style (702) 272-3490 to schedule your first private lesson at 50% OFF the regular price! Afterwards, our team of professionals will contact you, and suggest or confirm your appointment.  

What is the difference between private classes and group classes? 

There's a lot of difference since the person(s) is learning authentic steps and style in a tailored form. There's absolutely privacy so the instructor can dedicate their full attention to the student, answer their doubts and questions throughout the class. What you can learn in 1 private lesson is equivalent to approximately 10 group classes; in other words, what a person would learn in one year of group classes, they can learn it easily in one month.  

How much do the private lessons cost?

The price of private lessons range between $37.50* to $75 per each class depending on the size of package purchased. The price also depends on how many persons are taking the class.  Normally, the price for couples is 20% higher than the price per 1 person of the considered package because the instructor has to teach both students and each one of them has different steps. 

*Valid only if you have never taken classes with us yet.

What are the opening hours for private classes? 

We teach private lessons 7 days a week, there is no fix time schedule. Each class is scheduled from 1-7 days before the appointment itself or the next class is scheduled during the previous class.