Salsa Sequence of the week:

Salsa is a Latin-Caribbean rhythm that fills us with passion and joy. Generally, people love watching how dancers dance it and how they take over dane floor. The dancers in this demo video are Yody Iznaga & Kitty, members of Habana Style (Las Vegas). They demonstrate a short sequence composed of 3 figures, including the famous “Butterfly” for our students and salsa community in Las Vegas. 

Obviously, you can dance different salsa styles but each style has 8 counts, number 4 and 8 counting as pause. In the past few years, a new interpretation of this dance has emerged among the young Latin-Caribbeans who are the biggest influencers of this type of dance. It is adjusted to and influenced by the region, the style of the dance instructor, and by the fusion of other external rhythms like Cuban Rumba. Using Cuban Rumba over Salsa has spread around the world for its exotic body movements and for its interpretation typical to the culture that it comes from. 

Overall, there are 2 dominant styles of Salsa that are danced by almost all salsa dancers: Salsa on 1 (Los Angeles) and Salsa on 2 (New York).

I hope, you like the video and see you soon on the dance floor!