About Us

Habana Style Dance Company was founded by a professional dancer and choreographer, Yody Iznaga in August, 2011. The main objective is to offer people who are passionate about latin-caribbean and cuban music a place where they could learn such exotic dance styles and express themselves in dance body movements. Habana Style Dance Company is one of the very few dance schools in LAS VEGAS which offer its public a complete portfolio with about 15 different latin-carribean dance styles with an objective to enable our students to feel identified with what they are looking for in specific. Our students stay with us for a long time while they enjoy learning with our team of proffessional dancers and instruct

About Yody Iznaga

Yody Iznaga is a professional dancer and choreographer born in Cuba and educated through the authentic Cuban technique of modern dance created by the professor Eduardo Rivero Walker at a professional company Teatro de la Danza de Caribe (Theater of Caribbean Dance). Once he reached the second level of dance, he was a protagonist on big scenes like the famous musical show El Parisien; he quickly became very visible in the world of dance for his quality dance, originality, and his authentic style. Yody Iznaga knows to perfection about 15 different dance styles. He dances on TV channels and big and famous stages known in the world of salsa. Yody has choreographed and danced for artists like Marc Antony, Victor Manuel, La India, Maelo Ruiz, and others.

Benefits of Dancing with Habana Style Dance Company

Habana Style Dance Company offers various benefits to its members while dancing Latin-Carribean dances at our dance studio. We prepare and encourage our students to enjoy social dances anywhere in the world. On their way toward this goal, our students have loads of fun, relieve stress, exercise, meet people with the same dance objective, and have constant participation in social events.
Members of Habana Style Dance School learn through an authentic technique created by the dancer & choreographer Yody Iznaga. This authentic method focuses also on clean movements while it is easy to understand and acquire due to the high and professional level of teaching methodology typical for Habana Style Dance Company.
Last but not least, Habana Style Dance School offers its members to join our teams where they reach a very high level of dance including exotic movements within the social and professional dance through a long path of practices. What could be more beautiful and uniquely identifying than the exotic mixture of Salsa with Afro-Cuban rhythms and Cuban rumba within popular and social dances?