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Welcome to Habana Style Dance Company - Las Vegas

"Where dancing is a pleasure"

Salsa & Bachata Classes @ The Mint Las Vegas Thursdays Night (7pm-9pm)

Are the group classes the best option for you?

Now you can learn from the Pro Dancer, Yody Iznaga every Thursday at The Mint LV. As bonus, right after the classes we have Social Dance Night so you will be able to put in practice what you learn during the classes. What a powerful method to actually fix the new figures and to gain confidence in yourself!....

Group Classes at Broadway Hall Dance Studio Tuesdays Night (6.30pm-9.30pm)

Group classes are designed for people who want to learn in an entertaining way how to dance and at the same time to meet people and to connect to people who have the same dance objective. The classes are structured so that also people without a partner can participate in and enjoy the group classes. Students keep on rotating which allows them to improve their commands necessary for social dance. The group classes are designed to create a friendly environment and increase trust among participant; students are greatly encouraged to practice and demonstrate the knowledge acquired in the group classes on the dance floor at our social dance nights.....

Private lessons (7 Days x Week)

Represent the most accurate, effective and the fastest way to learn or master any dance style of your choice; since you can choose exactly what you would like to learn and the areas you need to improve. The dance studio is reserved only and exclusively for you and the instructor for the time of your scheduled session. This is also why you can fully enjoy and exploit the most out of the instructor's time and attention which are completely yours during the private lesson......

Habana Style Social Dance Night Thursdays Night (9pm-11.30pm)

Fun, Dance, Friends & Drinks in One Place

The students of Habana Style and people from the Latin community of Las Vegas motivated us to create a Social Dance Night. 

We all know that the best way to put in practice what we’ve learned during the week in our classes is through practice. There is no better place than the amazing Night Club called “The Mint Tavern Las Vegas” almost in the heart of Las Vegas......

Watch the Dance Video of the Week

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