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About Us

Habana Style Dance Company was founded by a professional dancer and choreographer, Yody Iznaga in August, 2011. The main objective is to offer people who are passionate about latin-caribbean and cuban music a place where they could learn such exotic dance styles and express themselves in dance body movements. Habana Style Dance Company is one of the very few dance schools in LAS VEGAS which offer its public a complete portfolio with about 15 different latin-carribean dance styles with an objective to enable our students to feel identified with what they are looking for in specific. Our students stay with us for a long time while they enjoy learning with our team of proffessional dancers and instructors.

Our dance classes

Private lessons

 Private lessons represent the most accurate, effective and the fastest way to learn or master any dance style of your choice; since you can choose exactly what you would like to learn and the areas you need to improve. The dance studio is reserved only and exclusively for you and the instructor for the time of your scheduled session. This is also why you can fully enjoy and exploit the most out of the instructor's time and attention which are completely yours during the private lesson. 


 Workshops are special dance classes taught by certified professionals with the main objective to develop and improve special dance abilities and to acquire original movements of a specific dance style.Members of Habana Style Dance Company learn through an authentic technique created by the dancer & choreographer Yody Iznaga. This authentic method focuses also on clean movements while it is easy to understand and acquire due to the high and professional level of teaching methodology typical for Habana Style. 

Group Classes

Group classes are designed for people who want to learn in an entertaining way how to dance and at the same time to meet people and to connect to people who have the same dance objective. The classes are structured so that also people without a partner can participate in and enjoy the group classes. Students keep on rotating which allows them to improve their commands necessary for social dance. The group classes are designed to create a friendly environment and increase trust among participant; students are greatly encouraged to practice and demonstrate the knowledge acquired in the group classes on the dance floor at our social dance nights.

Dance Private Lessons (Sample Video)

Here is a small illustration showing some of our students taking Private Dance Lessons with the Pro Dancer Yody Iznaga. In this video, you can see the results and the progress they have made after 1 month of taking Private Classes (initially starting at level zero) @ Habana Style #SalsaLasVegas. 

We hope to see you Soon at our Dance Studio. 

Private Lessons Prices & FAQ

Private Lessons

Private lessons represent the most accurate, effective and the fastest way to learn or master any dance style of your choice Prices at Habana Style Dance Company for new members on private lessons:

1 class : $75   /    $90 (couple) "1st Time 50% OFF"
5  classes : $325   /   $400 (couple) 

10 classes : $600   /   $675 (couple) 

20 classes : $1000 /  $1100 (couple)

How can I start?

If you have never taken Private Classes with us, You have unique opportunity to try your first Private Lesson for 50% OFF the regular price!  

Once you had your first Private Class, we will help you to choose the best suiting package for your needs (based on your preferences, skills and objective) and we will apply a discount in case there's a promotion going on  *You can also contact us through social networks FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM or TWITTER  

*What should I do to take private lessons?

 Contact us using the form on this page or text Habana Style (702) 272-3490 to schedule your first private lesson at 50% OFF the regular price! Afterwards, our team of professionals will contact you, and suggest or confirm your appointment.  

*What is the difference between private classes and group classes?  

 There's a lot of difference since the person(s) is learning authentic steps and style in a tailored form. There's absolutely privacy so the instructor can dedicate their full attention to the student, answer their doubts and questions throughout the class. What you can learn in 1 private lesson is equivalent to approximately 10 group classes; in other words, what a person would learn in one year of group classes, they can learn it easily in one month.  

*How much do the private lessons cost?

The price of private lessons range between $37.50* to $75 per each class depending on the size of package purchased. The price also depends on how many persons are taking the class.  Normally, the price for couples is 20% higher than the price per 1 person of the considered package because the instructor has to teach both students and each one of them has different steps. 

*Valid only if you have never taken classes with us yet.

*What are the opening hours for private classes?  

 We teach private lessons 7 days a week, there is no fix time schedule. Each class is scheduled from 1-7 days before the appointment itself or the next class is scheduled during the previous class. 

  *What are the styles I can learn in private classes?  Our instructors are professionals in more than 10 dance styles. You can choose from:  
-Salsa LA Style  -Salsa on2 -Salsa casino -Bachata  -AfroCuban  -Rumba -Merengue & More   

Important Note: If you are READY to start Private Lessons ASAP, you can Send us a Text Message to 7022723490 & We will Call you back to Set an Appoinment at our Dance Studio. 

**Valid only for students taking their first private class ever with Habana Style #Yody_Iznaga 

About Yody Iznaga

Yody Iznaga is a professional dancer and choreographer born in Cuba and educated through the authentic Cuban technique of modern dance created by the professor Eduardo Rivero Walker at a professional company Teatro de la Danza de Caribe (Theater of Caribbean Dance). Once he reached the second level of dance, he was a protagonist on big scenes like the famous musical show El Parisien; he quickly became very visible in the world of dance for his quality dance, originality, and his authentic style. Yody Iznaga knows to perfection about 15 different dance styles. He dances on TV channels and big and famous stages known in the world of salsa. Yody has choreographed and danced for artists like Marc Antony, Victor Manuel, La India, Maelo Ruiz, and others.

*Personalized group classes

Do you have your own group of people? Great!
Many people would like to have their own group of friends and family and they would like to have exclusive schedule and classes only for them. Like this, they can keep it constant, have fun and everybody can learn at a good pace.
I.e.: Maria and her friends want to have an exclusive schedule once a week on Saturday at 11am.
Our company created a special price rate for this type of private group classes with a number of attendees between 4 and 12. 

Note: The price is a flat rate independent from the number of participants.
1 class : $120
4 classes: $400 (package expires in 1 month)

Benefits of Dancing with Habana Style Dance Company

 Habana Style Dance Company offers various benefits to its members while dancing Latin-Carribean dances at our dance studio. We prepare and encourage our students to enjoy social dances anywhere in the world. On their way toward this goal, our students have loads of fun, relieve stress, exercise, meet people with the same dance objective, and have constant participation in social events.
Members of Habana Style Dance School learn through an authentic technique created by the dancer & choreographer Yody Iznaga. This authentic method focuses also on clean movements while it is easy to understand and acquire due to the high and professional level of teaching methodology typical for Habana Style Dance Company.
Last but not least, Habana Style Dance School offers its members to join our teams where they reach a very high level of dance including exotic movements within the social and professional dance through a long path of practices. What could be more beautiful and uniquely identifying than the exotic mixture of Salsa with Afro-Cuban rhythms and Cuban rumba within popular and social dances? 

Group Classes Tuesday Night with Yody Iznaga

  • Group classes are designed for people who want to learn in an entertaining way how to dance and at the same time to meet people and to connect to people with the same dance objective.

- Salsa & Bachata Classes with Yody Iznaga @ #SalsaLasVegas

  • Tuesdays (Once a Week):
  • Salsa Beginners 6.30pm - 7.30pm
  • Salsa Intermediate 7.30 - 8.30pm
  • Bachata Open Class 8.30pm - 9.30pm
  • Footwork & Couples 

** First Class is Free 

Do you Have any Questions?

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How fast will we reply?

We revise our inbox at least twice a day and respond accordingly. We encourage you to send us all your questions regarding our dance classes so we can reply you with all the necessary details. 

Kind Regards from Habana Style #SalsaLasVegas 

Note: If it is an urgent message, sent us a text to 7022723490 

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